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directing beauty commercials can be tricky, or can be easy.


Shooting this commercials for italian beauty brand Cera di Cupra, was challenging: maybe casting was the main part, cause agency and clients feel their “brand/face/concept ” is in the the cast.

After casting, I proposed Sara from Fashionmodel: her beauty is so simple, and those balanced imperfections make her face interesting and unique. Beauty discovers power in her eyes, her colors are italians as requested from the concept of the agency, and directing her was driving her in dreamy world, where she “sees places” from a window, after her awakening.

Matteo, the dop illuminated the shots close to the reference I proposed the agency and Cook s4 lenses with Alexa were our choice for the look we were looking for. With art buyer, stylist and make up artist we worked substracting colors from locations , styling and make up: we build up a simple chromatic pallette where skin is integrated in the backgrounds, creating a “silky” sensation.

Editing has been like building up a safe place : with Dider we gave a “tale” mood to the sensations we shot, cutting t 3 italian magical “views”, adding  a sense of unreal calm.

Sound has been a suggestion from creative team: the classical “aria”  creates an antique intense feeling, I like this contrast with the lightness of the modern shots .

My thanks to Blackmamba, Trash Adv and Anto, they made the project possible