Milan, March the 6th, 2015 – “WHY A DUCK ON SET?”

hi there!we have been far from the blog for long time, busy between writing a feature film (such a tough work! God bless Mariano, cowriter and a real scriptwriter…)  and working on some tvc .

Why a duck on set?

maybe the duck  wanted to get out of the collections, or maybe she was interested in Thayna, the beautiful woman working in these cgi tvc. Who knows. Alessia and me, we brought her on set, the duck was quiet shy, but calm.

IMG_8778 IMG_8774 IMG_8744

Durign the set she  became familiar to the team: producer, creative director, d.o.p., etc  wanted a picture with her, so while she beacame a “star” , I took pictures of her …..

The set was quiet long, Bolton, the client , sometimes has a lot of people involved in the process , the duck made people smile,and kept me concentrated.while Alessia was managing the set the duck was hanging out.

She  used so tell me  ” it’s just a tvc, why do all this people  look so serious?”

The duck hasn’t already a name, we will find it. She came to work, was very professioanl,on time, and she hasn t been payd for! during post productions the duck was always there, always bringing a smile. Now she’s reading , she likes Murakami, and I ve to buy her latest Murakami’s books. Or she freaks out!!!

maybe the next productions we will built for  her a small lake, so she will relax while we work. Maybe she will fall asleeep while people wants a picture with her, cause she’s one ofa kind and she has this balanced power,  this gift: she   makes  people feel safe …

.     IMG_8837  IMG_8754 IMG_8823

IMG_8826 IMG_8966 IMG_8838

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