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Hi there!! These are some images from a great set, amazing team for a simple beauty tvc. We shot with Red Dragon,Cook s4 lenses, Annabel a lovely model from Fashionmodel, and a perfect crew. Now we re editing the project.

Directors Cut - Cinemascope ( Prores )-1Directors Cut - Cinemascope ( Prores )

Directing beauty tv commercials can be tricky, but for this mascara film we worked with a terrific model, her beautyness and kindness made easier the workflow, the set and any shots took a gentle life, giving a soul to some aestethic frames. Alessandro’s light design created 2 different worlds, where colors and silhouettes opens 2 different beauty dimensions, one full of light and with a violet glance, the other a bit darker, fashion and sophisticated. we were thinking of a retro art direction , close to  007 motion title design…. Honestly the balance between casting and ligh tdesign made the work inetresting, and gave  a fresh energy to the set. Make up and hair design, Silvia and Hannette worked giving a natural feeling and hiding the work,so Annabel looks fresh, beauty and absolutely natural. Alessandro lighted the set with a great simplicity, ad lenses (cook) made their part.  We ll keep u posted with video asap!!

I do thank anyone in the team, Andrea and Luca, executive and creative director, for making possible  this great Rougj production!

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