-  Hi there!! These are some images from a great set, amazing team for a simple beauty tvc. We shot with Red Dragon,Cook s4 lenses, Annabel a lovely model from Fashionmodel, and a perfect crew. Now we re editing the project. - Directing beauty tv commercials can be tricky, but for this mascara film we worked with a terrific model, her beautyness and kindness made easier the... READ MORE


Hi there! directing beauty commercials can be tricky, or can be easy.     Shooting this commercials for italian beauty brand Cera di Cupra, was challenging: maybe casting was the main part, cause agency and clients feel their “brand/face/concept ” is in the the cast. After casting, I proposed Sara from Fashionmodel: her beauty is so simple, and those bala... READ MORE


  Milan, March the 6th, 2015 – “WHY A DUCK ON SET?” hi there!we have been far from the blog for long time, busy between writing a feature film (such a tough work! God bless Mariano, cowriter and a real scriptwriter...)  and working on some tvc . Why a duck on set? maybe the duck  wanted to get out of the collections, or maybe she was interested in T... READ MORE


JUNE, 19 , 2014 Hey there! These 2 months have been really busy  with 4 tvc campaign,  I’m really satisfied  and  a bit tired now , but it has been really ok. God blessed. From casting to location scouting, set, post prod, ppm, and then again... any project has  been a real good  team work: 4 different teams, 4 different agencies and clients, a lot of intense... READ MORE


                Photography  Fede Cambria Styling Clizia Incorvaia/fashion blogger Model andreaa c /Boom Models Makeup/hair  Elisa Bua Jeans  Carolina Wyser Dresses Avaro Figli shoes Joshua Fenu READ MORE


Hey there! here you find some shooting board, sometimes I use visualizer to draw the shots, sometimes I made them myself with a great 3d software, very easy and absolutely perfect, frameforge. Honestly it depends from the project which is the best way.I like shooting boards, cause they are the center of previz and they give you and the team the chance  to get into th... READ MORE


  Milan, February the 3th, 2014 - "IRVING PENN, A BRIGHT TUNNEL AND BODY POSE…"   Hi there! This week we have been on set for a photo shooting for Ilpuntoc, a fashion blogFashion Blog are an interesting new media reality, at this link you can find a the ranking of french fashion blogs,to undesrtand the power and and the expansion of this new media. ... READ MORE

“Set Alchemy: Mike Tyson and the pigeons”

  Milan, February the 10 th, 2014 - “Set Alchemy: Mike Tyson and the pigeons” Life on the set is a little bit different form everyday life: you are part of a team who’s creating a film. In a tvc there are peculiar relations with clients, that give birth to a inner world: a world made of trust, fun , and concentration both for the team in pre prod, and for the set i... READ MORE


  Milan, February the 3th, 2014 - "Winter seaside" Hey! winter at the seaside can be unique, sunny days, wind and light creates  areal experience ( if you live in a city like me, you really can appreciate ...)This week I shot  in Menton, a fashion video for an italian brandWe shot one day in front of the sea, the location was stunning:an amazing p... READ MORE

“City reflections” - an unaffected digital photo project

January, the 30 th 2014 -  “City reflections” This is an unaffected digital photo project, ( still w.i.p.) , I started it 1 year ago and these are some shots, a part of the work.Light changes places, subjects and locations and sometimes we don’t fully perceive this charming process.Early training in the morning in Milano’s park inspired me a lot: fairy light cond... READ MORE


Hi there! these are some fashion work and test, you can see the funny moment behind...              READ MORE


  Hey there! this is a fun project with Clizia, fashion blogger ,, we shot fun pictures for clients as adidas oon her blog, or just fashion stuff.This is part of the work! enjoy                                    READ MORE


28 dec 2013-December has been busy with 2 interesting works, a beauty tvc for an italian brand and a web production , 13 episodes, in progress, for an international client. We shot several days in Genova and one day in milan, it has been intense, but interesting.Genova has wonderfull locations. Both the team were fast, and it has been a pleasure to work in both situa... READ MORE




hey there, stolen moments, funny guys, someone became a  friend.... fsdfsdfs       READ MORE

"Il GABBIA no"

31 octo31 october. yesterday I saw a great work on stage, it's a rewriting of Checov Il gabbiano (in russo: Чайка, Čaika). Woody Neri, director/actor/producer of the project did a terrific work giving  new life and irony to the original  work. And rewriting a masterpiece is not easy as it seems.... Without a theatre production they did a miracle. Between Almod... READ MORE


9-12 october, Inchiostro d'autore, a great event. I've spent a day with illustrators, here you see Claudio Castellini, the first italian to work for Marvel Comics. It has been interesting to stay a day with these artists and discover their world and their talent (they are so fast drawing!). Waiting for new year edition I  keep in my mind those amazing illustrations... READ MORE


    Hey there! katy was  the model with the bigger eyes I ve ever seen,we shot together with Saatchi Health and Reparto Cinema a web film for Bausch & Lomb and she was the "big eye girl". Casting was  an interesting process in this production.   READ MORE


  Hey there, these are some of the shots I took for Teatro Litta, while I worked for the theatre as stage photographer. Stage photography is an interesting experience, for acting and for creating a better light sensibility,you don t create the light set up, you use the exixting one, but you learn discovering where the good light works. It's a great artistic experience ... READ MORE


Stefania is one of the best actress I ve ever worked. She' s trained, clever, talented adn work addicted.These are some simple shots we took for a test, I do hope to work again with her. see her on fb          READ MORE


    Il Teatro Litta presenta a Milano, nella Sala La Cavallerizza dal 9 al 18 febbraio, un 'multimedia theatre play', ovvero una commedia teatrale multimediale intitolata Slavedrome - omicidio in rete. A scriverla ci ha pensato Federico Cambria, che ne è pure regista, con una messa in scena che vede Carolina Prada Bianchi e Marta Zoboli dal vivo sul palco mentre in... READ MORE

"I&S the Music at night"- multimedia live showcase

LIVE CROSSMEDIA PERFORMANCE _ON STAGE 17_21 april 2013_milan at Alta spectare srl hey there, this was a great work!it s live and lives on stage! the team: CAST (LIVE AND VIDEO) Lucia Mazzotta Carlotta Brusini Marta Rebecca Rizzioli WRITER/DIRECTOR Federico Cambria DOP Giacomo De Vecchi PRODUCER Alessia Pietromarchi AD Filippo Torello STYLIST Elena Cavallaro /  Sara... READ MORE


  John Gielgud, actor or legend? look at this documentary! he did terrific work in theatre, film for a life long ( maybe you rememebr him in shine teaching the rach 3....) READ MORE


Hey there! these are some backstage moments ! e READ MORE


hey there, tehse are some simple backstage pictures from Riso Flora tvc, we worked building everything and shot 2 days. READ MORE

Blackberry Love, una nuova modalità di fare teatro-Teatro Libero milano marzo 2009

Blackberry Love, uno spettacolo multimediale in scena dal 21 al 24 marzo al Teatro Libero di Via Savona a Milano La tecnologia sconfina anche nei sentimenti: oggi l’amore non viene più vissuto tramite lettere profumate e bagnate di lacrime, ma attraverso collegamento wireless con il mobile, che in Blackberry Love diviene alla fine un vero e proprio coprotagonista. Black... READ MORE