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JUNE, 19 , 2014

Hey there!

These 2 months have been really busy  with 4 tvc campaign,  I’m really satisfied  and  a bit tired now , but it has been really ok. God blessed. From casting to location scouting, set, post prod, ppm, and then again… any project has  been a real good  team work: 4 different teams, 4 different agencies and clients, a lot of intense work.

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The chemistry on set and the workflow  have been really ok: producers, testimonal, casting, agencies and crews did a terrific work and I do always think the best mood you get from people the best work you do with them.One of these tvc campaign with Publicis Middle East  has been really challenging, and new for me:  another culture, a different world, but  Hatch made  everything really easy in that project.

This post is very simple, I do think images tells more the experience of these 2 months, while I write Cannes Lions Festival is going to the end, and I’m writing characters and plot for a new feature project, let see what happens…Stay tuned! (thanks hatch for some of the pictures!)

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