January, the 30 th 2014 -  “City reflections”

This is an unaffected digital photo project, ( still w.i.p.) ,

I started it 1 year ago and these are some shots, a part of the work.Light changes places, subjects and locations and sometimes we don’t fully perceive this charming process.Early training in the morning in Milano’s park inspired me a lot: fairy light conditions and reflections moved my imagination. In spare time I’m preparing other shots for this project.I used iphone and Iphone’s app “snapseed” for post production. This was my first experience in that way: no lenses, no raw, no camera, no Photoshop, no film: everything has been shot and fast post produced with my Iphone. Instagram and other “photo” social media are changing photography, using these simple tools.   Working as a tvc director, we usually shot with “serious” digital camera as  alexa, red, canon with crew and director of photography. That’s the reason why this project is a challenge for me: it’s a new photographic trick!  Camera is only an instrument.I’m using  Hashtag on instagram, and I am getting more confident to a “social media” dimension as far as photography is concerned. This stuffs are really changing photography. I think it is important that anyone is able to take a picture whenever he likes, but people don’t mind a lot, they  look at the world trough the same lenses, and all pictures look similiar. That’s why I think this is a great change of attitude, and we  have to find out the best from it. We look at thousands images every day, and this is deeply changing our  perception and our relations with images and with the world.Soon some shots of my project will be exposed in a cool  restaurant opening in town, Soup&Go, goand this will be fun cause I will discover the “printed” world of this small files.I thank Alessandra Magister , my photographer friend, for  her  fun post prod lesson with Snapseed , take a look at her work here.

It is now snowing in Milan,  T.S.Eliot wrote :

“Winter kept us warm, covering Earth in forgetful snow, feeding A little life with dried tubers.”While writing we are preparing a shooting in a production company and the next post for the blog, “Set Alchemy: Mike Tyson and the pigeons” so stay tuned!

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