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Milan, February the 3th, 2014 – “IRVING PENN, A BRIGHT TUNNEL AND BODY POSE…”


Hi there! This week we have been on set for a photo shooting for Ilpuntoc, a fashion blogFashion Blog are an interesting new media reality, at this link you can find a the ranking of french fashion blogs,to undesrtand the power and and the expansion of this new media.

It is funny working for Clizia, the blogger for Ilpuntoc : she’s multitasking, she manages relations with the brands, she works as a stylist for herself, managing the blog and her business with an amazing energy.

For this simple shooting Location scouting was the key.I decided for 2 locations in Milan: an exterior set with glass/metal buildings in the backgrounds and an amazing tunnel with an interesting light.We shoot with the basic location light in interiors, no flash light: it woukd have killed the main light.For the first time I used jpeg image instead of raw, ( I wanted to test the Cinestyle look setting in jpeg ) and I noticed an interesting result, cause the camera processes “the look” while shooting and post production has been quite fast.

This shooting way with  color profile is a  smart solution for many situations, moreover if you havea clear visual look idea in your mind. (you can see some examples here)We had no permission, thus it was a tricky work, ‘cause it was forbidden…we had to be fast, my focus was getting blogger’s best postures: I think that in fashion shots model postures make the difference,and without the blogger’s face in the frames , (‘cause her blog keeps Barbie mask on the face) the body language of pose is the key.

I do suggest to watch the  unbelivable Irving Penn Vogue works in the latest century: he was a genius in several photographic fields (fashion, portraits, landscape, advertising, etc) and it is always fabulous to study his stunning work.

Irving Penn created iconic fashion postures that we still admire today . You can look at the simmetry, the poetry, the balance, and the perfect relation between the outfits and the models’ body; his amazing control of the image as long as his crazy ability to bring the viewers eye- attention where he wanted. Sometime in 1948 I began photographing portraits in a small corner space made of two studio flats pushed together the floor covered with a piece of old carpeting… this confinement, surprisingly seemed to comfort people, soothing them,”Mr Penn once explained

He created a “poetic fashion language” that still moves us today( he had no photoshop …)You can discover the relation with his models in every pubblished work, and you can “feel” his presence everywhere.Even though it was a style developed for the studio, Penn used it when he traveled to photograph what he called ‘primitive’ cultures.He created a tent-studio and took it with him to photograph observant Muslims in Morocco, to photograph tribesmen in New Guinea and Roma families in Spain, to photograph young tribal girls in Dahomey and Hell’s Angels and hippie groups in San Francisco.In nowadays crazy digital world, photographers often shoot a lot of pictures, but most of times it is useless because the model body posture is uncontrolled, and she doesn’t cooperate with the photographer.

Give a Look at Irving penn work , and to his foundation

Thus: Irving was our inspiration, stay tuned!